The Art of Asking in Tarot

The Art of Asking in Tarot

Nov 5, 2023

When it comes to seeking guidance from the tarot, the way you frame your question can be as pivotal as the spread itself. A well-articulated question serves as a guiding light for the cards, enabling a reading that's as clear and insightful as a starlit night. Let's delve into the art of asking the right questions in a tarot reading and uncover why the demand for clarity and depth trumps the simplicity of yes/no enquiries.

The Power of Precision

In the world of tarot, specificity is your best friend. It's the difference between a vague, unfocused response and an enlightening, precise answer. Consider this: asking "Should I change jobs?" is like casting a wide net with holes too large – the essential fish slip through. In contrast, asking "What do I need to know about my current job situation?" transforms that net into a fine mesh, capturing the subtleties and nuances of your circumstance.

The Problem with Yes/No Questions

Yes/no questions are the fast food of tarot queries – quick, easy, but rarely satisfying. They limit the scope of your reading to a binary, often bypassing the rich, layered insights the tarot can provide. The cards are more than a crystal ball; they're a tool for reflection and exploration. They thrive on exploring the how's and why's, not just settling on a black or white answer.

Embracing the Open-Ended Enquiry

Questions like "What do I need to know about [topic]?" open the floodgates to wisdom. This kind of inquiry invites the tarot to speak freely, offering a narrative that encompasses potential actions, outcomes, and reflections. It sets the stage for a story to unfold, rather than just a sentence. This approach acknowledges the complexity of life and respects the tarot's capacity to mirror that complexity back to us.

Why 'What' is the Way Forward

Asking 'what' does a few things for your tarot reading:

  1. Invites Exploration: 'What' questions welcome a journey. They encourage the cards to reveal the layers of a situation, offering a comprehensive view that can guide introspection and decision-making.
  2. Encourages Agency: By asking 'what', you're recognising your role in shaping your destiny. You're not just passively receiving an answer; you're actively seeking knowledge to inform your actions.
  3. Allows for Nuance: Life is not black and white, and 'what' questions embrace this. They allow the cards to reflect the multitude of influences and potential outcomes at play.

In essence, phrasing your question to invite as much information as possible transforms your reading from a mere answer to a dialogue with the divine. It's the equivalent of seeking a gourmet meal over a quick snack – it takes longer to prepare, but the satisfaction is immeasurable.

So, the next time you shuffle your deck and lay out the spread, pause and ponder the question you're about to ask. Frame it in a way that opens doors rather than closing them. Seek to understand, not just to know. And remember, in the tarot's intricate dance of symbols and signs, the questions you ask are the steps you choreograph – make them count.

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