Embarking on the Inner Quest: The Hermit’s Journey

Embarking on the Inner Quest: The Hermit’s Journey

Aug 20, 2023

Hello again Voyagers! In this next chapter of our mystical journey through the Major Arcana, we follow The Fool as he encounters the ninth card - The Hermit. This meeting marks a turning point, guiding The Fool inward to discover his inner light and the harvest of internal riches.

The Call of The Hermit: An Inner Exploration

As The Fool approaches The Hermit, a beacon of introspection and wisdom, he's drawn into a world he's never fully comprehended. The Hermit's presence invites The Fool to delve into his soul's depths, unearthing truths that were once mere shadows.

Beyond Appearances: Unveiling True Meaning

The Fool has been entranced by outer appearances and values, but now, under The Hermit's guidance, he realizes their shallowness. The focus shifts to what is truly important, transcending the mundane and uncovering a life filled with profound meaning.

A Time of Withdrawal: Embracing Solitude

The Hermit teaches The Fool that withdrawal is not avoidance, but a chance to grow. This time of solitude and introspection isn't an escape but a connection to the self, enriching The Fool's understanding and appreciation of his true essence.

The Unmistakable Call: A Path to Inner Wisdom

For those unprepared, The Hermit's call might seem fantastical. Yet, for The Fool, feeling a discontent with life, this journey is a necessity. It offers a breakthrough, leading him away from external chaos to an exploration of feelings and dreams. The Hermit assures that stillness will reveal the way.

The Return: A Harvest of Insight

After time spent in reflection and solitude, The Fool returns, enriched by the wisdom gained. The world remains, but he now sees it anew, transformed by the insights harvested during his time with The Hermit.

The Hermit in Modern Life: A Guiding Light

In our bustling world, The Hermit's lessons resonate with profound truth. He calls us to explore our inner selves, find meaning, and gain insight from solitude.

“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion."

Albert Camus

This encounter with The Hermit concludes, but The Fool's journey continues. Stay with us, Voyagers, as we uncover more enigmas of the Tarot.

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