the tarot card readings - empowered decision making


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the tarot card readings - empowered decision making

Step into a world of endless mystical exploration with unlimited access to The Tarot Club's tarot readings and exclusive content. Our subscription offers you an all-access pass to deep, personalized tarot guidance, unlocking the full potential of your spiritual journey.

🔮 Unlimited Tarot Readings: Imagine having a personal oracle at your fingertips, ready to provide insight and clarity whenever you seek. With our subscription, you can consult our one and three card readings.  You are also invited. to seek extended guidance from our chatbot Selene Mystic Oracle at any time, exploring different types of readings - from the focused one-card draw to the comprehensive Celtic Cross spread. Each reading is a unique encounter, promising fresh perspectives and profound wisdom.

🌙 Exclusive Content: Dive deeper into the mystical world of tarot with our rich collection of articles and interactive content. Enhance your understanding of the cards, symbols, and their meanings. Our exclusive content is crafted to enrich your knowledge and intuition, further empowering your tarot journey.

Personalized Experience: Your path is unique, and so is your interaction with the tarot. Our platform adapts to your journey, offering readings and content that align with your personal quest. Engage in an experience that evolves with you, becoming more insightful with every card you draw.

🌌 Community and Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals, all exploring the mystical path of tarot. Participate in discussions, share experiences, and support each other in your collective quest for wisdom and understanding.

Embrace the opportunity to journey through the tarot with unlimited access. Our subscription is more than just readings; it's a gateway to a deeper, more connected spiritual experience. Embark on this path today and discover the profound insights waiting for you in every card.

Subscribe now and let the journey begin. Your future awaits! 🌟✨

Basic Plan

Draw One Card, All Year Long

$ 15 per year

one card readings
  • Get a one-card reading any time you want, all year!
  • Great if you're new to tarot or just want a quick daily tip.
  • Read cool articles and get help if you need it.


Three Cards, More Answers

$ 27 per year

three card reading
  • Get three-card readings whenever you like.
  • Perfect if you want to know more about what's going on in your life.
  • Get special articles just for you.


Everything, All the Time

$ 35 per year

the tarot card readings - delve into your inner world
  • Get both one-card and three-card unlimited readings.
  • Access to extended readings from our chatbot Selene Mystic Oracle.
  • Plus, get first dibs on new stuff we're working on.
  • Get help fast if you have questions.

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🌟 3 Day Pass Option:

Get unlimited three-card readings for three days.

It's like a mini-vacation into the future!

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Good Day! Sending you Love and Light and more blessings than you can count. I love the work you do on your page. Your my dear are a special spirit and I am honored to have you in my circle. I just wanted to let you know. You are a blessing and I love you. W. Annie
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