Have a pressing question? Try asking The Oracle for insight and guidance.

We can use the Tarot to gain a glimpse in to the future, to understand patterns, synchronicity, to learn what may be in store for us and:


as a daily oracle;

as a monthly planning tool;

for relationship, friendship, family and business issues;

to ask yes/no questions;

to see what is ahead long or short term;

to receive guidance and confirmation;

and many, many more things!

The Tarot cards are conservatively dated back to the 15th Century in Europe and are thought to have evolved from the more recognisable playing cards in use today and invented by the Chinese much earlier. Some people believe the cards are even older than that and when you consider the rich tapestry of meaning that correlates to every human experience, I can see why! After all, with every passing day we discover much about our ancient world that scientists have been completely unaware of.

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On this site you can access our Oracle which will answer your question with an authentically crafted message from one of the 78 Tarot cards so you can get different perspectives to your questions and guidance.

If you want to explore what the future holds for you from an objective observer, then pop over to my Readings page and take your pick of my most popular readings. The card readings offered on this site are not generated by a computer, I tune into your energy and draw the reading then will tell you what comes up for you at the time for your unique situation.

And remember, the future is not fixed. You can change your outcomes by changing the actions that you take now – where this is indicated in the reading I will tell you and it is up to you to take action.

Who am I?

My name is Estelle and I have been inspired by Astrology and the Tarot for over 25 years when I was certified as a Practicing Humanistic Astrologer. I’m a Piscean with a Leo Moon and Aquarius Ascendant, and can be found hanging out here at The Tarot Club, over at Soul Art Astrology where I also provide information on Astrology, Dreams and Personal and Collective Myths, and on my Facebook page where I sometimes offer free readings.

Brightest blessings to you and I do hope to see you on my Facebook page where I love to read your comments and questions. Or why not ask the Oracle – you’ll be amazed!