Commanding the Force of The Chariot

The Fool's Task

Commanding the Force of The Chariot

Aug 5, 2023

Greetings, Voyagers! As we continue to journey alongside our fearless explorer, The Fool, we find him ready to harness the powerful energy of The Chariot. The seventh card of the Major Arcana is a symbol of victory, determination, and control. It's not enough to dream. We must strive to achieve it. We're about to delve deeper into the symbols and meanings associated with The Chariot. So buckle up, as this ride promises to be quite insightful!

Embracing the Dual Forces of The Chariot

When The Fool encounters The Chariot, his attention is drawn to the strong figure in the vehicle. A warrior in resplendent armour, guided by two sphinxes, one black and one white, each pulling in separate directions. This vivid representation sparks an understanding in The Fool. It mirrors the internal tug-of-war we all face—between love and fear, confidence and doubt, action and hesitation. Balance is key, dear voyagers. Life's journey involves recognizing these inner conflicts and learning to navigate them effectively.

Seizing the Reins of Life

The Chariot's main theme centers around determination, focus, and the will to succeed. The Charioteer guides the sphinxes, not by physical reins, but through his will and determined spirit. This symbology is a potent reminder to us all; we can seize control of our destinies and surmount any obstacle using our inner strength and perseverance.

Unfurling the Warrior Within

As we delve further, the Charioteer's attire provides more profound insights. His armor is more than just a protection; it symbolizes resilience and an iron will. The crown on his head is indicative of the highest attainment of spiritual consciousness. Together, these symbols reveal the warrior spirit that resides within each of us. We all have battles to fight and challenges to overcome, and The Chariot teaches us to face them with courage and determination.

The Chariot's Embrace of the Journey

The Chariot speaks to us on multiple levels. It pushes us to embrace the journey of life and reinforces the belief that success is not merely about achieving the end goal. It's about the learning, the growth, the experiences we gather along the way. In the grand scheme of life, it's not the destination but the journey that truly matters.

The Chariot's Lessons for Modern Life

The Chariot has timeless lessons for us all. In a world where we often feel pulled in different directions, The Chariot encourages us to find our center. It urges us to stand firm, to steer our life's chariot with unwavering resolve, come what may. It is a constant reminder that we are the architects of our destinies. That it's our actions, our decisions, our determination that ultimately shape our lives.

The Chariot and Personal Growth

The Chariot emphasizes the importance of personal growth in her teachings. It pushes us to continually evolve, to learn, to grow. It encourages us to harness our personal power, to face our fears, to step out of our comfort zones, and to strive for our dreams relentlessly.

End of the Road?

Our journey with The Fool and The Chariot may have ended, but we're far from the end of our explorations. Next up, The Fool comes face to face with Strength, a card that holds profound lessons on inner power. So, hold on to your tarot cards, Voyagers! It's going to be another exciting ride.

Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.

- Ernest Shackleton

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