King of Cups

The King of Cups is also Prince of the Chariot of the Waters and is aligned with the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

This King represents mastery of the emotional realm and has a well-developed intuitive side. He is not particularly demonstrative, rather his emotions are often well-concealed and yet as vast as the ocean, but make no mistake, he feels deeply.

He is sensitive and so can easily take offence if he is not fully conscious or if he has been betrayed in the past. It is unfortunate that sometimes this King can hold on to past hurts and finds it difficult to forgive and move on, although when he has decided to heal such hurts as a necessity then he can be the most forgiving and open-hearted of all Kings with deep sincerity.

When this King appears in a reading, it is time for you to learn the lessons of deep emotional maturity and generosity that will draw like-minded people to you and teach you which ones to avoid. He gives you a heightened sensitivity and intuition that allows you to navigate emotional waters skilfully and successfully and to also find deep emotional satisfaction.

This King knows that emotional security starts from within – meditation, yoga, nature immersion are all useful pursuits that help to reconnect you to your feeling nature and build your intuition and spiritual connection with life.

You may find experiences connected to healing, spirituality, teaching and art are all fields that are connected to this Ruler of Water. These pursuits help you connect to the deeper meaning of life and love, and even when the path takes you on a journey through emotional pain, loss and betrayal, ultimately it is a journey that builds compassion, heart and the many faces of love.

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