Four of PentaclesThe Four of Pentacles is the Lord of Power and it carries the energy of the Sun in Capricorn. It refers to earthly power, character and security.

Sun in Capricorn brings consolidation, focus on security and status, and can also be fear of loss of financial security. There is much energy spent on acquiring material power, financial gain and long term security as well as how one's social standing can provide all of these.

Certainly this period of  time heralds a more secure period in your life where you are able to create material foundations that will ensure your comfort and stability and you will have some peace of mind where perhaps uncertainty reigned before.

There is hard work and dedication that you have focused on to get you to this place, and perhaps you have also made sacrifices to ensure and secure your position as it is now. But along with this comes a certain degree of unease and fear of losing what you have built up so diligently. This may cause you to cling to behaviours that really serve to stop your growth - life is risk, and when fear stops us from taking even the smallest risks there is stagnation and eventually boredom.

There is also a danger of putting too much emphasis on material concerns, and neglecting important matters such as relationships with others and finding joy in your everyday life. The energy of this card is fixed and quite serious and so it warns against being too caught up in acquisition of power and status, since the equally important aspects of a balanced life for you will likely suffer and you will feel the effects of this neglect for years to come if you let your focus stay fixed on yourself and your achievements.

Time to examine in your life where you have created too much rigidity that has stunted your joy and your growth.  Remember that power is not to be hoarded and like any important part of life, it grows when it is shared.

Image from "Couture Tarot Deck"