Five of WandsRepresented by Saturn in Leo, the Five of Wands describes a state of creative frustration. It is Saturn, whose natural tendency is to retract, be conservative and play it safe, placed in Leo, the flamboyant, 'look at me' sign who is most comfortable in the spotlight. Leo wants to rule and be in the centre of the action while Saturn wants to do the responsible thing, the right thing, what has worked before and is tried and tested.

You can see the dilemma here. So it appears you are feeling restricted, unable to express yourself as completely and gloriously as you know you can. This is the card of Strife, and it says because you are being creatively stifled, then out of feelings of frustration there may be trouble brewing with people whom you feel are blocking your progress or competing against you.

It's important to move forward one step at a time, even if it feels like you are driving with the brakes on.

In this time of conflict, you need to examine why you are being challenged or blocked now. Is what you are trying to accomplish truly your desire, or is it a 'should' that belongs to someone else? Sometimes we don't dare trust our own dreams and so take on what is sensible or 'realistic' and this card is telling you to wait a bit, get clear on what really rocks for you because no amount of competition or barriers can stop you when you have made the decision to succeed with clarity and purpose!

Get rid of any dead wood, let go of the ideas that don't work no matter how you mix them, and be on the lookout for hidden agendas.

A time to sit back, observe, learn and be diplomatic. This phase will pass - give it five weeks or so and try again.

Image from "Archeon Tarot" © 2005 Timothy Lantz