The Wheel of Fortune is also called the Lord of the Forces of Life and ruled by Jupiter, and so generally foretells a positive change of fortune.wheel-of-fortune

Look at the picture – where on the wheel do you see yourself?

Are you on your way up? – then fortunate circumstances will soon arrive. Are you at the bottom? Then the only way for you is up so be prepared to embrace the opportunities that will soon present themselves.

Are you at the top? Make provisions now in this time of plenty to put aside something to tide you over lean times that may arrive.

Are you on the way down? – know then that this too will pass and you will recover everything to find yourself in an even better place, more grateful and wiser than before.

It is really an illusion to think that you are chained to the Wheel at all.

Once you come to understand that you are the Centre of the Wheel, the Fixed Point, then where you may see yourself on the rim or spokes is irrelevant! What does Fortune mean to you?

Write a list of what you believe prevents you from achieving it now.

Ask for guidance to overcome any obstacles and expect to be surprised by the answer that comes back!

Image from Nigel Jackson Tarot