The Two of Pentacles is the Lord of Harmonious Change and is aligned with the energy of Jupiter in Capricorn. It represents the need for balance, organisation and small victories.

Two of PentaclesJupiter is the planet of expansion and yet Capricorn acts to put the breaks on this expansion somewhat. There is a real desire and possibility to make great progress, but one must be prepared to dot the i’s and cross the t’s so that any progress is secured into the future.

And so there is a need to juggle resources, as there seems to be plenty at the same time there is lack. This card asks you to develop the ability to fine tune your attention and manage your resources well so that you cover all requirements even if it means you need to spread those resources thinly. Don’t worry, it is only for a short time and if you manage this successfully then you will certainly have more success in the future.

One cannot look at this card and not be reminded of a sense of fun and lightness with this card – even though the girl is juggling the pentacles she is doing so with a sense of carefree abandon. She is not weighed down by her task and neither should you be. Use a light touch, don’t take it all too seriously but deal with it and get it done for the best outcome.

The juggler has skill, dexterity and focus. In which area of life are you finding the need for balance? It may be your health, your finances, your career or even your place in the world. Sometimes we have so much going on, so many tasks we need to take care of that we forget to take joy in the small things. This card calls for you to find the happy point between opposites, of responsibility and fun, of duty and joy, of pleasure and pain. Never give one side too much credence or power, otherwise the balance will tip and you will be derailed.

Instead, it is time to find the happy medium in your life – one that will allow you to pursue achievement, but also to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

Image from “Druid Tarot”  © Philip Carr-Gomm, Stephanie Carr-Gomm, William Worthington