Known also as the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty and ruled by the planet Mars, The Tower represents apparently sudden and momentous change. Something old is leaving, to make way for the new. The TowerMars is fire and its energy will burn away what is no longer relevant or useful in your life.

Often The Tower is experienced as a bolt out of the blue, but if you look closely at past events, you can admit that the changes wrought by this card have been a long time coming. It is when we refuse to acknowledge the signs that are there for all to see, and instead try to cling on to our safe and well-known patterns and paths, that we experience this energy as shocking, and even as a loss to be grieved.

It is time to look beyond your known horizons and expect the unexpected. There is a drive towards transformation and letting go of old structures and beliefs that are no longer useful. By clinging on to the old habits and patterns, the change when it comes will be more painful, but it need not be. When we understand that all of life is about change, and if we can learn to greet change with a shrug and a smile, and dare I say, a welcome, then we are less likely to be buffeted by the winds of those changes.

There is a real opportunity here for you to grow beyond yourself and become more of who you are meant to be, and this is not the person that others tell you they see or think you should be. There is a call to stretch and reach for higher things, and to give real meaning to your growth thus far. The inner changes have begun with you a long time ago, whether you realised it or not. You may have felt it as a mild dissatisfaction with your life, with the path that stretched out before you, and perhaps you did not know what these feelings were for.

The Tower will make it clear to you, and so you have now the chance to obliterate blocks to your own self-realisation, regardless of fears of failure, fears of losing what you have, and even fears of being wildly successful.

Get ready to view your life through new eyes.

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