the towerKnown also as The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty and ruled by Mars, The Tower signals big changes ahead which outwardly may come as a surprise, even a shock, but inwardly have begun some time ago on a very deep level.

This card appears because we have ignored an inner knowing about a situation that must be changed but that we believe is too painful or uncomfortable to confront. And so we push it down and away but it doesn’t really go anywhere, it just builds pressure until one day we are surprised by a metaphorical explosion, calamity or dissolution.

The opportunity here is to acknowledge that inner knowing, give it some space and attention and reflect on what you’d like to change now in a conscious way; what old beliefs and behaviours no longer serve you and what now would serve you better.

Freedom comes when we let go of the slavery of those old beliefs and habitual ways of acting and reacting, so that when the change comes (and come it must) we can embrace it rather than resist it. Life is change, and out of change comes growth and opportunity, so never reject it, even if at the time it appears uncomfortable and unwanted.

Opportunities for spiritual renewal and the arrival of self-knowledge and of healing too – out of chaos will come order and meaning.

“Tower Tarot Painting” by Valentina Plishchina