The Sun is the Lord of the Fire of the World and ruled astrologically by the Sun. It represents the core of the personality, the ego and the essence of the Soul.

The SunThe Sun is an omen of happy times ahead, wishes fulfilled and joy to be had.

The card shows a young boy on a white horse, and is one of several cards in the Tarot that combine the animal and human aspects – in this card it brings the instincts and the intellect together harmoniously so that future ease, happiness and progress are assured. The decisions that you make out of instinct and feeling are harmony with your reasoning, so that choices that you make now are the right ones to get you where you want to go and you will not be tempted to sabotage your success.

The Sun above is reflected by the sunflowers below, so there is balance as well between the cosmic and the earthly. The clouds in the background are left behind, so be assured that good times are coming for you where your troubles will be left behind and be but a distant memory.

There is energy and health restored with this card, the warmth & life-giving properties of the Sun are here to bless your well-being. There is a rebirth of possibility and positivity on its way, and you just need to be willing to embrace it in order to benefit from the Sun’s influence in your life. Look for opportunities as the Sun will surely shine its light on situations, people and events that you may have overlooked in the past but were there all along.

Be willing to look for your good and you will certainly find it.

Image from “Witches Tarot” © Ellen Dugan