Ten of SwordsThe Ten of Swords is also called the Lord of Ruin and is associated with Sun in Gemini. The Sun is the life-force and ego while Gemini represents the dual nature of the world and everything in it, the polarity of ideas and energy, and the ability of the mind to cut or cure.

Traditionally this card speaks of ruin of the individual through financial, emotional, physical or spiritual means. There may be lies, fraud, libel or slander involved and with it the end of a long term situation or relationship. Be aware that if any of these situations occur then the writing has been on the wall for some time yet you did not want to see it. So it drops on your head so that this time you sit up and pay attention.

There is a great fear that current circumstances which may be difficult will continue with no end in sight, and that they may even get worse. This is residual thinking from old patterns from the past and from childhood that have been imprinted by family conditioning. A defeatist attitude that says nothing will improve no matter what is present. Look at which of your parents or other care-givers held this great fear of ruin and realise you don’t have to adopt that legacy – you can always make a different choice in any moment. Understanding that the choice is yours to make sets you on the road to self-discovery and true happiness.

There is a tendency towards depression which returns on itself in a loop and is self-perpetuating. The only way out is to lift your energy and to even get angry to kick you out of this state. Once your head is above water you can let anger pass and move on to more positive emotions. You may find it useful to contemplate the Wheel of Fortune card which demonstrates the transient nature of any emotional state – sometimes we are on top of the world, riding high, while at other times we feel crushed by the weight of that same world and all its cares and woes. However, like a phoenix we will rise from the ashes and live to fight another day.

Often it is in times of great adversity that we find out what we’re really made of, and although painful, our lessons lead to greater success, growth, joy and appreciation for what we do have.

There is the ending of a difficult situation. Naturally there will be grieving over the loss, even if the situation was not wanted it has been with you a long time and therefore familiar. However the opportunity here is to catch your negative thought patterns and transform them by deciding what you would prefer to experience instead.

Put your face towards the sun again and start to live again.

Image ©  jdybowski