StrengthKnown as the Daughter of the Flaming Sword and ruled by Leo, the Strength card is a wonderful card to turn up, not only for women (since a woman is always portrayed on the card) but also for men. Why do I say this? Because feminine and masculine energies are embodied in us all, and the Strength card speaks to that quality of all that resides within and is gentle and abiding strength, the ability and impulse to sooth the savage beast within and to overcome all sorts of troubles. It is intelligence and sovereignty, kindness and firmness, and also the acceptance of no BS.

Leo is the king of the beasts, and it brings a glorious energy when expressed in its right place. It is leadership, not dominance, but a respect for itself and for all. There are many types of strength available to us – physical strength, emotional strength, spiritual strength and mental strength – this card represents our strength of will and it also represents grace, as strength at its most pure expression is graceful and beautiful to behold.

It is power without having to use that power – this is an inner authority that is palpable and does not require shows of bravado or aggression, which at their core are just expressions of fear and therefore the opposite of Strength.

Strength is the faith that can move mountains and love that conquers all. When you are truly connected to your inner strength then nothing can divert you from your course. It is always transformation through the energy of love. Self-love, it can be argued, is the cure of all the ills in the world, because when we have the strength to accept and love ourselves then we are no longer fearful of others, secure as we are then that we can prevail.

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“Speak softly and carry a big stick” Theodore Roosevelt


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