The Seven of Pentacles is also the Lord of Success Unfulfilled, and is Takes on the energy of Saturn in Taurus and represents delayed results, further effort required and a reshuffling of priorities towards your true desires.

Seven of PentaclesSaturn is the Lord of Time and in Taurus the promise of tangible results, while quite probable, is also delayed somewhat. There is hard work, determination, practical skill and tenacity of course, but don’t count your chickens just yet. And don’t be tempted to give up for the promise of a quick fix.

Sometimes, we come to a stage where everything we have worked so hard towards is finally within reach, and yet we hesitate. We asked earnestly for answers and were granted them and yet we still do not trust that we have been delivered of a solution. Or we suddenly realise that what we have asked for was someone else’s dream and has little to do with the call of our own heart.

There might be a taste of dust in the mouth, a sense that perhaps we fell short of asking for what would truly satisfy our desire and quench our yearning. This merely means that you either underestimated your ambition or the time it would take to realise it into reality.

The Suit of Pentacles often relates too one’s health and this card denotes feeling the benefits of past decisions that you have made in areas of diet, exercise and energy. If you have been lacking in these in discipline in these areas, then it is time to renew your commitment otherwise you may feel the effects of neglect. If you have been steadily following a sensible health regime, then you will also be able to count on the benefits of such a discipline.

It really has to do with past effort and dedication, and how well you have watered the garden bed of your ambition. Time will tell what the fruits will be, and whether your fields will lie fallow or be bursting with life in seasons to come. And now is as good a time as any to start afresh.

Image from “Shadowscapes Tarot”©  Stephanie Puiman-Law