The Page of Wands is the Princess of the Shining Flame and the Rose of the Palace of Fire. It is aligned with the energy of Fire and those astrological signs of Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. It represents the burgeoning powers of enterprise, excitement and change.

Page of WandsThe Pages in the Tarot represent a new energy, a breeze or embryonic stage of the energy represented in the Suit. The Suit of Wands is ruled by Fire and so brings much energy, enthusiasm and willpower to the table. Change of some kind is coming, but it is not a momentous change. Yet when it comes, it will be unmistakeable.

This card brings youthful energies that are helpful, exciting and new. Perhaps there have been times recently past where you have felt jaded, bored and uninspired. This card is the broom that sweeps all the dullness away and brings back a feeling of aliveness and motivation to start feeling and experiencing life again.

Often it heralds a message that will set you on a new path – one that mirrors the desires of your heart that you have not yet decided to acknowledge.

And of course any of the Pages can represent a young person, male or female, who will be important to you in a way that awakens your own memories of youth, innocence and the feeling that you can achieve anything. It is well that you meditate on the qualities of this person if they come into your sphere, and rekindle those same qualities in your own life as they will help you to achieve things that the fear brought on by the years and experiences held that tend to stifle growth and creativity.

Creativity is a wonderful resource and pursuit and there is never a time when you cannot create something in some form that brings life back to a dull existence or a life that has somehow fallen into a rut.

The Page of Wands lights the way for you to rediscover yourself, to revivify your health, finances, love life and belief in yourself, so do follow him when he shows up, and he will help you to enjoy life again.

Image from “Roots of Asia Tarot” ©  A G Muller