JusticeAnother card that seems to appear quite often for my visitors, the card of Justice is also known as Daughter of the Lords of Truth and Ruler of the Balance. Ruled by Libra, this card portrays balance, equilibrium and the avoidance of extremes.

Traditionally Justice can indicate contracts, including marriage contracts or business partnerships. The card is often portrayed as a woman wearing a blindfold and carrying a set of scales – to weigh both sides of an argument. Since Justice is blind in this case, it is pure logic that is employed to reach an outcome, since appearances can often be deceiving.

And so Justice represents a fair outcome to a situation that has been causing you grief, and often refers to legal outcomes that work in your favour. As long as you are dealing in a balanced way, and not trying to push an advantage, then you will succeed – justice will prevail.

Where an important decision needs to be made, this card calls for you to be impartial, fair and not driven by emotion or passion, and if you find it difficult to be unbiased in this situation then it would be wise to seek the advice of an impartial adviser who can look at the facts from a bird’s eye view.

There is a need for constant adjustment of focus, and the ability to be present to what is happening right now, rather than being hung between the disappointments of the past and the stress of trying to control the future.

What activities allow you to be fully present in the moment? It might be meditation, going for a long walk in nature, contemplating a baby’s smile, or playing with a kitten. All these types of activities mean you are engaged in living in the now, and are closer to a balanced state than when left with your thoughts of what might have or could be.

Image “Justice” by Matt Frederick and roswell-ivory.deviantart.com