The Hierophant – V

Known also as the Magus of the Eternal and ruled by Taurus, the Hierophant represents seeking, meaning and self-realisation.

The Hierophant represnts the logical, left brained and masculine thinking. It is the path of conformity which one must learn before being to forget the rules and start to live life on one's own terms.

And so the Hierophant denotes a gateway - to your inner world, or to milestones in the outer world. He often represents institutions, such as churches or government that rule over our rights of passage. Christenings, marriages, gaining accreditations, yes, even death, anything which must be marked by ritual and ceremony.

The Hierophant represents convention, what is safe and tried and true. He is the acceptance of a young person into society once that person has demonstrated that they understand the laws, requirements and rules, and the need for routines, security and continuity.

As a person, The Hierophant may appear to you as a wise woman or man, a mentor or teacher. Someone who has found the way through the difficult passages of life and who can act as a guide and encouragement to you.

It can represent a time where you need to find meaning in your life through conventional avenues and traditional values, by finding what is morally right for you although often it dictates following the wellworn path of conformity for the sake of fitting in and finding comfort in community and fellowship.

It is time to discover and allot meaning to your experiences and find a deeper purpose and illumination in an inner realisation of what your life means to you. There is comfort in conformity and tradition - it allows us to relax into a feeling of the continuity and value of the human condition, especially when the external world seems to be going to the dogs.

Relax and know that The Hierophant has your back.

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