TwoofPentaclesAligned with Jupiter in Capricorn, the Two of Pentacles heralds changes bringing many improvements for you. The important concept is change – without the willingness to change then stagnation occurs and the opportunity passes. Jupiter rules expansion, luck, progress, while Capricorn (ruled by Jupiters opposite energy Saturn) signals conservatism, social responsibility, security and time. This combination brings an opportunity to change your luck and secure your future.

They say change is constant, and yet it is the thing that we resist the most. Imagine how much energy would be available to us if we could learn to harness change instead of fighting it so much? We could have a self-propelling and self-renewing source of energy. Also, when we resist change, we resist not only the unwelcome changes, but also the good things coming to us as many changes are positive ones.

You are already aware of an inner restlessness, and an inability to settle on one thing. This card can indicate ups and downs in finances or career as well as a choice to be made that promises to improve your finances.

An opportunity presents itself to develop another skill, which holds the seed of bringing in more cash to you. It also indicates the positive ability to multitask, although the need to achieve balance in your life is also important. Taking on too many tasks and doing them equally well will eventually affect your health – so often health issues arise out of conflict and stress.

Take some time to be kind and nurture yourself along the way – give yourself permission to indulge in what feels good now. This card says your intuition and hunches are worth listening to as you are more in tune with them recently. You also have the ability to hold your focus in the midst of chaos.

Also I see a lovely celebration coming up for you, a time where you will get together with good friends and toast a success.

Image “Altered two of pentacles” © hoolia14oh4