TheMoonRuled by the Moon, the card of the High Priestess brings access to heightened intuition and self-sufficiency, harmony and independence.

This card shows that you have come home to yourself, your true being. This is a time to embrace who you are and shed the persona of who you are not.

Restrictions are intolerable to you during the period of influence of this card – and this period of influence can last from nine to ten years.

Where have you let others lead you to doubt yourself, forsaking your own intuitive knowing, only to find out that your first thought was the correct one?

You will find the presence of water – lakes, rivers, streams, the ocean – to be a source of healing and help you to enhance your intuition even more. Pay attention to your dreams – if you want answers, ask yourself before you drift off to sleep and the answer will be with you in the morning.

Hidden forces are now at work for you and the fruit of these forces must appear in its own good time. Don’t try to force a result, instead let the mysteries work their magic under cover of dark and trust that all will be revealed to you at the right time.

Image “The High Priestess” © Remoraz