chariotThe Chariot – precedes confidence in business and in life, with great success on the horizon.

The success comes after a concerted effort and is well-earned, and it signals resolution over inner conflicts and integration of opposites.

Travel is possible at this time or connection with far-away places.

You receive inspiration and ideas for moving into a more positive phase now.

As this card is presided over by the astrological sign of Cancer, there is a need to protect and nurture yourself now so that you may have full enjoyment of good times ahead.

Leave the chaos of drama-filled relationships behind and focus fully on your goal.

It is also important to have a plan that involves future goals, beyond the ones you are currently pursuing, lest achieving the most immediate goal leaves you feeling “Now what?” or with mixed feelings about getting what you want.

The Chariot tells you often the journey is more important than the destination!

Image from “Tarot Illuminati” – by Eric Dunne