The Ace of Cups is the Root of the Powers of Water bringing new beginnings in matters of the heart; the beginning of love and happiness.ace-of-cups

The Ace is either a value 1 or a value 11, which shows its cyclical nature – it is a spiral continually promising rewards in an ever upward direction so it can mean a new love or going to the next level of love in an existing relationship.

News of an upcoming birth of a long awaited and cherished child.

Emotional euphoria and a state of bliss, it is the beginning realisation of one’s Holy Grail – that gifts your Soul with emotional fulfillment.

Your cup runs over with love and this benefits all in your presence, so this is not a time to withhold your love for fear of it running out.

On the contrary, expressing your love means that you get to experience it even more! Inspiring dreams to a receptive mind means that anything is possible now.

Creativity and fertility are heightened – you are in harmony with your inner world and it is in this space that you manifest your heart’s desire.

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